MEDRAD® MRXperion Injector System

The MEDRAD® MRXperion MR injection system has been designed to support your staff in providing them with an efficient workflow.  Clear Direction Efficient. Smart. My MR injector.

MEDRAD® MRXperion is a dual syringe power injector delivering contrast agents and saline during contrast-enhanced MRI diagnostic procedures. Technically advanced MR injector with improved workflow, point of care and injection data management*. Time saving features such as the patented snap-on/twist-off syringe design, automated filling and priming, and on-board calculators help to simplify user requirements.

MEDRAD® MRXperion MR injection system

My MR injector

MEDRAD® MRXperion is a smart performer in the MR suite, delivering confidence and peace of mind through innovative contrast delivery and management.

MEDRAD® MRXperion…

Saves Time

From the way the syringes are installed to the way in which patient and injection data is made available to be utilised, the MEDRAD® MRXperion syringes and automated documentation* solution have been designed to save you time.

This is efficient.

Increases Confidence

Reduce manual work and potential errors with automated documentation*, while improving the accuracy and consistency of recorded protocols and associated data. MEDRAD® MRXperion gives you the confidence that you are acting on accurate information.

This is smart.

Enhances Patient Care

The combination of all the innovative features of MEDRAD® MRXperion means one thing – allowing you to provide the best care possible for your patient.

This is MEDRAD® MRXperion.

*Requires additional software purchase

Innovation in MR

Optimise your workflow with the MRXperion Pre-filled Adapter*, ISI integration, Automated Documentation and created new dimensions in digital healthcare.

Optimise your workflow

Benefit from improved access to information

  • Pull up patient data from the modality worklist
  • Provide the right injection protocol for each patient
  • Automatically capture contrast media information with the barcode reader**

Access data where you need it *

  • Easily add all important injection and patient data to the patient’s Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) records
  • Simplify your reporting process, while reducing potential manual errors

Understand and analyse contrast usage **

  • Perform statistical analysis
  • Centralise protocol management

Maximise uptime with VirtualCare™ *

  • With the inclusion of a VirtualCare remote support service, alerts are monitored and resolved proactively


My MR Workflow








* Available as an option.

** with Radimetrics™ Enterprise Platform

    Components Dimensions
    Control room unit

    15.75” (40.00 cm) W

    13.46” (34.19 cm) H

    10.23” (25.98 cm) D

    19.2 lbs (8.0 kg) weight

    Scan room unit

    23.30” (59.0 cm) W

    71.40” (181.0 cm) H

    23.30” (59.0 cm) D

    95.7 lbs (43.4 kg) weight

    Power supply

    7.60” (19.0 cm) W

    3.40” (9.0 cm) H

    15.40” (39.0 cm) D

    5 lbs (2.3 kg) weight


    Voltage requirements

    100 – 240 VAC

    (50/60 Hz)

    120 – 210 VA

    Electrical leakage

    Unit <100 microamperes

    Patient <100 microamperes

    Earth <500 microamperes


    System capabilities
    Syringe capacities

    Syringe A: 65 mL

    Syringe B: 115 mL

    Programmable volume range (mL)

    Syringe A: 0.5 mL to max syringe volume in: 0.1 mL increments from 0.5 mL to 31 mL 1 mL increments above 31 mL

    Syringe B: 1 mL to max syringe volume in 1 mL increments

    Programmable flow range (mL/sec) 0.01 to 10 mL/s in: 0.01 mL/s increments between 0.01 and 3.1 mL/s 0.1 mL/s increments between 3.1 and 10 mL/s
    KVO (keep vein open) 6 factory presets of 0.25 mL every 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 or 75 sec
    Test inject Configurable from 0.5 mL to 20 mL in 0.1 mL increments
    Pressure range (psi) 6 factory presets from 100 to 325 PSI or, 690 to 2240 kPa
    Injection / post Injection reminders Up to 5 settings of 1 sec to 20 minutes in 1 sec increments
    Injection protocol storage 60 protocols up to 6 phases each
    Injection hold / pause Up to 20 minutes in 1 sec increments
    eGFR calculator For adults: MDRD, Cockroft-Gault, Modified Cockroft-Gault and CKD-EPI methods
    For children: Bedside Schwartz method
    Informatics connectivity capability Yes, with optional Radimetrics® Enterprise Platform
    Remote service capability Yes, with optional VirtualCare™ Remote Support
    Mounting Floor pedestal – includes integrated IV pole


    IV Pole Choice of single hook or double hook IV pole


    Ordering information
    Injector system Catalog # MRXP 200: MEDRAD® MRXperion MR Injection System


    Disposable syringe kit


    Catalog # XP 65 / 115 VS:

    • 65 mL Qwik-Fit syringe for contrast media
    • 115 mL Qwik-Fit syringe for saline
    • One large spike for saline
    • One small spike for contrast media
    • 96” low pressure connector tube

    with T-connector and check valve

    * Radimetrics® Enterprise Platform and VirtualCare™ Remote Support are options that can be ordered. They are not included as part of the base product.


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