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Deliver quality patient care with the MEDRAD® Stellant FLEX

Can help to meet your clinical and organisational goals, so that you can continue to deliver quality patient care.

Benefits from a combination of new features, including:

  • Focus on patient safety with added system features.
  • Increase operational efficiency with interoperability and design.
  • Smaller syringe size to optimise contrast media use and reduce environmental impact.


MEDRAD® Stellant FLEX enables Contrast Dose Management and automated documentation.*


    • The MEDRAD® Stellant FLEX offers continued focus on patient safety through its inventive design that aids in fluid visualisation

    • Syringe option to offer you the flexibility to optimise contrast media use, reduce the environmental impact, and cut the cost of unnecessary waste disposal, all of which can reduce operational costs.

    Stellant Flex Safety and Efficiency Image

    The MEDRAD® Stellant Flex CT injection system optimises your Radiology department with:

    • An intuitive experience designed to require minimal operator training.
    • A redesigned docking system, making it easier to install the syringe from any orientation.
    • Automated,documentation capturing important contrast details*.
    • Workstation 3.0 with the latest technology, coupled with optional software that calculates optimised patient protocols for CT cardiac, pulmonary angiography, and abdomen studies.*

    By effortlessly capturing contrast and injection parameters along your workflow, Automated Documentation reduces the number of manual tasks and potential errors. It makes the right information available when needed, while complying with documentation requirements.

    • Barcode reader for contrast data capture.
    • Automated Documentation for access to contrast and injection information in Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS).
    • Smart Protocols to calculate individualised injection parameters.
    • Advanced Scanner Connectivity for protocol exchange and device synchronisation.

    *Additional software purchase required



      height Width Depth Weight
    Dual Injector Head: 14.5
    (36.8 cm)
    (30.7 cm)
    (15.2 cm)
    16.8 lb
    (7.6 kg)(without syringe)
    Base Unit: 11.3
    (28.6 cm)
    (27.9 cm)
    (22.9 cm)
    13.6 lb
    (6.2 kg)
    Workstation 3.0 10.2-10.8
    (25.9-27.3 cm)
    (38.4 cm)
    (17.3-20.2 cm)
    15.8 lb
    (7.2 kg)

    Injection Specifications

    Flow Rate (range and increments): 0.1 - 10 mL/sec in 0.1mL Increments.
    Volume (range and increments): 1 mL to 150ml Capacity in 1mL Increments.
    Programmable pressure Limit (psi/kPa): Choice of 50/345, 100/689, 150/1034, 200/1379, 225/1551, 250/1724, 300/2068, 325/2241.
    Scan Reminders: 0 - 300 Seconds (5 minutes) in 1sec Increments.
    Pause: 1 - 900 Seconds (15 minutes) in 1sec Increments.
    Hold: Maximum HOLD time is 20 minutes
    Syringes (Volume Capacity) 150 mL

    Software and Interface Specifications*

    P3T Cardiac Software: Personalised patient protocol technology for cardiac
    P3T Abdomen Software: Personalised patient protocol technology for abdomen
    P3T PA Software: Personalised patient protocol technology for pulmonary angiography
    Automated Documentation Modality worklist access
    PACS Outbound Interface: Send secondary capture of contrast injection to PACS
    RIS Outbound Interface: Send contrast injection information to RIS
    Speech Reporting Outbound Interface: Send contrast injection information to Nuance speech reporting system
    Imaging System Interfacing (ISI): Several types of interfacing with the CT scanner are available: GE (ISI900G), Canon (ISI900T), Siemens (ISI900S) and Connect.CT sold as Philips SyncRight.


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