MEDRAD® Mark 7 Arterion


MEDRAD® Mark 7 Arterion

Brings confidence and convenience to your interventional and diagnostic procedures.

Clear Direction. Ergonomics, Convenience, and Reliability. MEDRAD® Mark 7 Arterion has stylish ergonomics designed to increase mobility around a busy lab. Less time positioning and setting up the system means more time for the patient. The convenient front-load syringe design and MEDRAD® Twist & Go disposable syringe provide optimised pre-procedure and post-procedure work flow.

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What is MEDRAD® Mark 7 Arterion?

MEDRAD® Mark 7 Arterion is a single-head injection system for X-ray angiography, designed for your interventional radiology and cardiology suites.


How does MEDRAD® Mark 7 Arterion work?

MEDRAD® Mark 7 Arterion allows the controlled delivery of radiopaque contrast media for interventional imaging purposes in interventional radiology, interventional cardiology and vascular surgery. The injector facilitates contrast delivery in fixed flow mode and variable flow with an optional software upgrading. It utilises a dedicated 150 mL syringe (front load) and can deliver contrast media in phased mode.


What are MEDRAD® Mark 7 Arterion System Configurations and Main Components?

The MEDRAD® Mark 7 Arterion Injection System consists of three main components: Injector Head, Display Control Unit (DCU), and Power Supply (PS). They are mounted with various options.

  • Pedestal Configuration

    The pedestal configuration combines all required injector components into an integrated, mobile unit.

  • Table Mount Configuration

    This configuration option positions the injector head on the patient table, the DCU in the control room and the PS in the equipment room.

  • Overhead Counterpoise System (OCS) Configuration

    The injector head can also be attached to an OCS system. Several versions accommodate most lab layouts.

  • MEDRAD® Mark 7 Arterion Dual Display Option

    This option provides added flexibility allowing programming and control of the injector from two locations.

How is MEDRAD® Mark 7 Arterion used?

The system is intuitively managed via the colour touch screen DCU. All relevant information is displayed on the home screen where injection parameters can be programmed or changed. On the protocol screen up to 40 protocols can be stored, changed, deleted, or selected. A history tab allows to review the last 50 injections.



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