What is Molecular Imaging?

Molecular imaging includes the fields of Nuclear Medicine (NM) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET).

Molecular imaging involves a signal-producing imaging agent (radiopharmaceutical or probe) that is introduced into the body, usually by injection, and an imaging device capable of detecting and using the probe’s signals to create detailed images.

Theranostics is the combination of Diagnostic and Therapy applications for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Common Conditions including Prostate Cancer, Alzheimers Disease, Breast Cancer and Neuroendocrine cancer are prominent focus areas.

MI-Clinical images

What do we Offer?

Our Molecular Imaging team is uniquely skilled to provide clinical support to enable or purpose of Science for a better life.

Bayer Radiology ANZ supplies a niche range of high-quality equipment and services to the Australian and New Zealand Medical Imaging market. We have extensive experience in facility design, equipment selection and planning in Nuclear Medicine, PET and Cyclotron facilities.

Our product portfolio focuses on these specific areas, strongly aligning with our key experience as the first choice in industry.

We are proud to be the exclusive agent for Eckert and Ziegler Radiosynthesisers and 68Gallium Generators for ANZ.

Where Innovative solutions are sought, Bayer Radiology ANZ offers prospective clients a consultative approach with a commitment to the highest level of customer support and after sales service.



With a combined experience of over 50 years, our Molecular Imaging team has a deep understanding of the global market and a strong history of supporting research and innovation within Australia. Our intimate knowledge of global trends has translated into cutting edge imaging and treatment offerings.


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