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MEDRAD® Centargo

Australian Made Certification

Bayer has received certification to use the Australian Made logo on the MEDRAD® Centargo CT Injection System, offering partners and customers confidence that they are purchasing quality innovation, supporting local jobs and helping bolster Australia’s self-reliance in a critical industry.

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MEDRAD<sup>®</sup> Centargo reward highlights
MEDRAD<sup>®</sup> Centargo injector


Streamline Your Day-To-Day Radiology Tasks

MEDRAD® Centargo helps you to streamline your workflow by improving efficiency of data management, reducing injector touch time, standardising processes, and reducing manual input.

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Contrast Delivery

Piston-Based Performance You Can Trust

When it comes to your practice, picking the right tool for the job is essential. With MEDRAD® Centargo you can be assured that you receive a high level of performance that you know and trust2.

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Operating the MEDRAD<sup>®</sup> Centargo injector
The touch screen of the MEDRAD<sup>®</sup> Centargo injector


Setup Made Quick and Easy

Setting up for the day can be time-consuming and challenging. Improve workflow efficiency by simplifying your day with MEDRAD® Centargo’s quick and easy setup in under two minutes.

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Keeping Your Suite Moving

With a continued commitment to quality, our support team provides remote support and on-site equipment service, to keep your Centargo injectors up and running.

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Service professional inspecting MEDRAD<sup>®</sup> Centargo
Setting up the MEDRAD<sup>®</sup> Centargo

Video Tutorials

Experience MEDRAD® Centargo Design

MEDRAD® Centargo CT Injection System is easy to learn, set up, and use. These videos will help illustrate the process in a few short minutes.

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Healthcare workers talking about MEDRAD<sup>®</sup>  Centargo
Healthcare workers talking about MEDRAD<sup>®</sup>  Centargo

Product Details

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