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Bayer Syringes for MEDRAD® Injection Systems

Bayer Syringes for MEDRAD® Injection Systems

Bayer Syringes for MEDRAD® Injection Systems ensure optimal device performance, thereby enhancing patient safety.

An integral part of your total patient care.

Made at our facility in the United States, we have supplied over 300 million syringes to 20,000 hospitals and imaging centres worldwide1 – testament to the quality and trust radiology professionals have placed in Bayer Syringes.



There is no substitute for quality.

At Bayer, our syringes are made according to strict quality and reliability controls at every step of the production process. Only Bayer Syringes and disposable products have been specifically designed, manufactured, and validated to work reliably with corresponding MEDRAD® injection systems.


Designed for your MEDRAD® Injection System

Bayer Syringes are designed, tested and warrantied as integral components for your MEDRAD® Injection Systems.

Strict Vendor Qualification

Each supplier has been carefully chosen, audited and certified to provide materials that completely adhere to our chemical composition and purity specifications.

Precision Manufacturing

Our US-based manufacturing facility produces syringes to extremely tight tolerances. The volume of silicone coating inside the syringe barrel is precisely controlled. This facilitates optimal device performance and accurate fluid delivery.

Robust Packaging

Every syringe package adheres to strict specifications and rigorous environmental and transportation simulation testing. This ensures your syringes arrive at your facility sterile and uncompromised.

Every Part Matters

For over 50 years, we have been dedicated to optimising every aspect of the syringe manufacturing process to ensure the highest levels of total fluid delivery performance. Bayer Syringes play an integral role in safely delivering imaging fluids to your patients.

Medical-grade Material

Specific, medical-grade materials are selected to ensure optimal injector performance and patient care.

Confirmed Biocompatibility

Our product development process and material sourcing procedures adhere to internationally required biocompatibility standards (ISO 10993).

Inspection for Particulates

Bayer thoroughly inspects each and every syringe barrel for particulates. That reduces patient risk and provides an additional level of patient safety.

Your First Choice

Syringes that are not custom designed and manufactured for your MEDRAD® Injection System as Bayer Syringes are can impact the performance of your radiology suite and commitment to patient care.

Here’s why:

Lab Tests

Lab tests performed with non- Bayer syringes found instances where the syringe is technically incompatible with the Bayer MEDRAD® injector.1

Non Compatible

Non-compatible syringes may deliver the incorrect dose.1

Non Compatible_Fail

Non-compatible syringes can fail.1


Bayer cannot guarantee the performance of your injector with non-Bayer syringes and disposables.2


If a syringe not manufactured by Bayer causes injector malfunction, your Bayer MEDRAD® injector warranty may be invalidated.3



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Commit to quality. Choose Bayer Syringes: an integral part of your Total Injection System.

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