Medrad salient

MEDRAD® Salient

Ideal for your routine contrast injection needs, MEDRAD® Salient brings innovation and value to CT suites by combining mobility, simplicity and reliability.

Clear Direction. Mobility, Simplicity and Reliability.


What is MEDRAD® Salient?

MEDRAD® Salient is a contrast media injection system designed for use during routine CT examinations, it is available in either a single head or as a dual head system. MEDRAD® Salient Dual can flush with saline while the single head system injects contrast media only.



How does MEDRAD® Salient work?

An icon-driven, user-friendly interface allows the user to easily create customised protocols –up to 6 phases. The cordless configuration of MEDRAD® Salient means greater mobility without the need for electrical or data cables. Compared to a single head injector system, MEDRAD® Salient Dual provides improved peak contrast enhancement and controlled timing of contrast bolus1.

1 MEDRAD® Salient case report, Completed by Charbel Saade, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, Australia


The capabilities of MEDRAD® Salient


  • Cordless configuration: Eliminates cables on the floor
  • Mobile and compact design allows flexibility of injector positioning during use and ease of storage
  • Light weight and easy to move


  • Simple head design minimises contrast fouling
  • Provides dependable, reproducible flow rates and pressures that can consistently deliver injection protocols


  • User friendly, icon driven interface
  • Flexible workflow and software architecture
  • Single action syringe loading
  • Optional remote control unit (RCU) added convenience and functionality
  • Ability to review the previous 40 injections at the injector head. The RCU allows review of up to 200 previous injection profiles (including volume, pressure and flow metrics). The RCU also allows data export of this information


  • Flow rates range from 0.1 mL/sec to 10.0 mL/sec incrementally by 0.1 mL/sec. Volumes of up to 190 mL per syringe, incrementally by 1 mL
  • Volumes of up to 190 mL per syringe, incrementally by 1 mL.
  • The maximum pressure limit setting is 300 psi
  • MEDRAD® Salient S is designed for contrast media only, MEDRAD® Salient D enables the flexibility of injecting contrast and saline


  • Wireless RCU
  • Available scanner interface: DC200
  • Protocol Assistant Tool (PAT)

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