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MEDRAD® Stellant

Intelligent and intuitive – with the MEDRAD® Stellant Injection System, you can now enable multi-patient workflows to assist you with operating an efficient CT suite.

Clear Direction. Boost Your Image.

MEDRAD® Stellant Injection System enables the flexibility of injecting contrast and saline – offering many clinical and workflow advantages, such as: using saline to perform a patency check, reducing image artefacts and providing brighter arterial imaging in CT.1,2~

~ These 2 references refer to Coronary CTA and Dualflow software.

Medrad Stellant device

What is MEDRAD® Stellant MP?

Perform multiple injections with a dedicated Multi-Patient syringe system – providing you confidence for up to 12 hours. Explore the features that you will benefit from when using the MEDRAD® Stellant MP.

Stellant MP


A recessed connection protects the fluid path from accidental contamination.

Tubing Design

Tubing Design

The MEDRAD® Stellant multi-patient system protects patients with a 15 cm multi-patient tube, that connects to the syringes and is out of patients’ reach. The corresponding single-patient tube is 250 cm long and disposed of after each patient.

Check Valves

Check Valves

Two check valves on the single-patient tube prevents backflow from the patient.

Multi-Patient Spike

Multi-Patient Spike

Spikes can be used to access multiple containers of contrast * or saline for up to 12 hours.

* Contrast should be used in line with the directions in the approved Product Information.

High quality and reliability

Maximise trust

Not all syringes are equal. Bayer delivers a high-quality and reliable injection solution that can save costs, equipment and downtime. When choosing contrast and saline syringes, you need to consider:




Particulates from the manufacturing process can be directly injected into the patient if the syringe barrels are not thoroughly cleaned and inspected.



If syringes are made from non-biocompatible material, then harmful substances, e.g. BPA or DEHP, can leach into the saline or contrast agent and enter the bloodstream.


Application of silicone

If the application is not precisely controlled, then silicone can be over- or under-applied, impacting fluid-delivery performance and the well-being of your patients.



If a non-compatible syringe is used on a MEDRAD® injector, then its failure can result in over- or under-injection of contrast and may require re-scanning and re-dosing the patient.

Technical Data

Multi-Patient Kit
Catalogue Number: SDS MP1


MP_Multi-Patient Kit


Single Patient Disposable
Catalogue Number: SPD 250

MP_Single Patient Disposable
1. 2 Multi-Patient Transfer Sets (MPTS) Use life: 12 hours
Length: 115 cm
Two check valves per MPTS
2. 2 Syringe Assemblies (includes plunger) Use life: 12 hours
Capacity: 200 mL
3. Expiration Label  
4. Multi-Patient Tubing Set (MPTS) Use life: 12 hours
Length: 15cm
5. Single-Patient Tubing Set (SPTS) Use life: 1 patient
Length: 250 cm when fully extended
Two check valves


MEDRAD®  Stellant MP is easy to learn, set up and use.


    Certegra Workstation Configuration

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    Installing Multi-Patient Disposables

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    Initial Set-Up: Priming

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    Individual Patient Use

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    Exchanging the Single Patient Disposable

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    Replacing Empty Fluid Sources

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    Tear-Down / Removing Multi Patient Kit

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    1 Kerl JM, Ravenel JG, Nguyen SA, et al. Radiology. 2008;247(2):356-64.

    2 Jensen, CT. NASCI Abstract # 05-A-69-NASCI

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