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Australian made in Rydalmere, NSW Banner

In an environment where revolutionary intellectual property is typically sent offshore for investment and development, Bayer is harnessing Australian imagination, engineering skills and local materials to advance medical imaging and bring Aussie innovation to the world.

With R&D and manufacturing operations run out of an innovation hub in Rydalmere, NSW, Bayer is creating opportunities for an increasing number of Australians to apply their talents in the medical devices sector, designing products that meet the increasing workload demands of radiology services and, ultimately, helping health professionals achieve better diagnostic outcomes for patients.

This homegrown approach has recently resulted in Bayer achieving certification to use the Australian Made logo on select products, offering partners and customers confidence that they are purchasing quality innovation, supporting local jobs and exports and helping bolster Australia’s self-reliance in a critical industry.

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Local investment in medical device manufacturing provides opportunities for Australian talent

Bayer’s local R&D and manufacturing operations employ around 100 personnel in disciplines spanning electrical, software, mechanical, systems, production and quality engineering.

Bayer also provides career pathways and valuable experience to future graduates through internship programs in active partnerships with Universities.

The customer is at the heart of each local innovation project

Design projects are focused on developing innovative contrast injection devices (used daily in medical imaging procedures such as CT scans), as well as adopting lean and efficient manufacturing processes that maintain high standards of product quality and safety.

The team takes pride in integrating the voice of the customer in its R&D processes. Clinical staff are regularly consulted for their input on new design concepts as the Bayer team seeks to identify and respond to challenges faced by radiologists/radiographers with ever-increasing workloads.

Ultimately it is the patient who benefits from improved innovation as staff are able to process, review and support medical diagnoses with greater efficiency and accuracy.

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The Made in Australia certification is a proud achievement and one that recognises Bayer’s commitment and investment in local operations and supply chains.

As supply chain interruptions during the pandemic years exposed Australia’s risk of isolation from critical medical supplies, local manufacturing helped Bayer maintain a steady supply of essential medical imaging products to Australian Radiologists and patients.

Finished goods (MEDRAD® Salient CT Injection System & MEDRAD® Centargo CT Injection System) will carry the Australian Made label on the device and external packaging.